Social Welfare

Fellow Nigerians in the Russian Federation,

Records have shown that Russia is a unique country where most Nigerians in the Russian Federation find it difficult to fully adapt into the society. The reason for this can be attributed to different cultural values, languages and societal norms inherent in both countries.

Over half a century, Nigeria and Russia established bilateral relations aimed at bringing both countries closer together. Notwithstanding this, there exists a wide gap in interaction, interrelationship and mutual understanding amongst citizens of both countries.

The Social Welfare department of the Nigerian Community Russia is born to narrow this gap. We aim to combat some of these numerous problems by setting up an integrated social welfare system that cares for the needs of our citizens in Russian Federation and to provide quality Social Services aimed at relieving our citizens of this distress. We aim to provide our citizens enabling environment for social progress, interrelationship and interaction.

Our Social Welfare Programs:
1). To assist our citizens in combating observed problems facing them, most especially registered members and their families, the poor, needy and other vulnerable groups of Nigerians in the Russian Federation.

2). To make constant inquiries about the welfare of Nigerians visiting or residing in the Russian Federation; make reports to the Central Executive Council of NCR and recommendations to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Moscow, Russia.

3). To implement actions to assist ailing Nigerians in the Russian Federation.

4). Pay occasional visits to registered members who are sick in the hospital or at home.

5). To educate Nigerians visiting the Russian Federation on how best to go about their activities without infringement on the laws and norms of the Russian federation. This helps to maximize the benefits inherent in the Russian society. Tour guidelines will be provided on request to Nigerian tourist.

6). To combat feelings of social exclusion normally felt by Nigerians (both resident and non resident) in the Russian Federation by providing instructural guidelines to individuals on how to enter / re-enter the labour market, thus achieving their social inclusion in the Russian federation.

7). To provide programs and services aimed at integrating Nigerians into the Russian society with a view to enhancing individual capacity building, facilitate human development and promote the general community well-being of Nigerians and their families in the Russian Federation.

8). To safeguard social cohesion, solidarity, protection and inclusion thereby promoting unity and brotherhood amongst all citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the Russian Federation.

9). To provide moral and financial support to Nigerians in detentions by making sure that their individual rights under the United Nations Act and Constitutional rights based on the laws of Russian Federation are not violated. We shall liaise with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in achieving this goal.

10). To provide cheap and affordable accommodation for Nigerians on short visits to the Russian Federation or Nigerians on short visits to Megalopolis like Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.

11). To provide protection and care to children and other vulnerable citizens of Nigeria; support Nigerian families and individuals who are facing social problems, and help abandoned children of Nigerian parents in locating, re-uniting with their parents in Nigeria.

12). To liaise with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigerian in Russia, Non governmental organizations and Local authorities to provide quality social services for our citizens, acquaint Nigerian citizens with the services provided by State Institutions and foster homes especially the vulnerable.

While we are committed to achieving these set out goals, we kindly request your support and commitment to fully accomplishing them. We are open to criticisms and comments but such should be done with mutual respect. Your candid ideas, proposals and contributions will be highly appreciated. Do not think only of what the NCR must do for you. Think also of what you can do for the betterment of NCR. Help us to serve you better! Long live Nigerian Community Russia! Long live Nigeria – Russia Bilateral relation! May God bless us all!

Respectfully your’s

Nze Ikay Chibueze Ok-Ume

Social & Welfare Officer, Nigerian Community Russia

Tel: +7 (926) 084-62-86






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  • lateef Olayinka Kehinde April 7, 2015 at 20:31

    How can we register as a member of Nigeria community and what about the id card which you said we can get how can we get it done


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